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Aapla Ghar – Everyone’s Story

My house. Mera ghar. Aamar baari. Mi casa.

So many different ways of expressing just one emotion – Aapla Ghar.

What is it about our home, those particular four brick walls, that make us feel safe, secure and utterly at peace?

It’s not the carpet area of your large living room, the spacious kitchen with a dry balcony, the thoughtfully designed master bedroom with the attached bathroom. It’s more than just the tiles you deliberated over for hours, the bed sheets and curtains you painstakingly picked out to match them, and the colour of paint you chose.

1. Your first successful kitchen experiment.
Sure, you covered every single counter with dirty dishes, managed to get food all over your clothes and nearly burnt the house down. But this first successful dish you prepared (and your family dutifully ate) held none of that – it was made of nothing but joy, exhilaration and unabashed love.

2. The joy of walking through your door after being away.
After days of working hard, being on top of your game, and living away from your loved ones, just the sight of the door of your home is more welcome than anything you can imagine. All your exhaustion and weariness fades away, and you’re filled with a new energy and excitement. Because behind that door is Aapla Ghar!

3. The moment you drop your keys into the bowl.
And breathe a sigh of relief. Gone is the stressful day, gone are the deadlines and gone is the pressure of being one step ahead of the curve. This is YOUR space. This is your territory – warm, familiar and welcoming, and all it takes to be reminded of it, is the sound of your keys jingling as you drop them into that little bowl that sits on the table next to the door.

4. The window through which you see the sun rise.
Is usually the same window you grumpily turn away from when the sun dares to shine too brightly on a Sunday morning. This window doesn’t just show you the position of the sun – it stands for the passing of time, the turning of seasons, and the changes you have wrought in your own life.

5. The carpet with the stain you hide from your mother. Or your wife. Usually, both.
Here’s where it’s okay to be your messy, not-too-careful self. (But only as long as that stain is hidden.) Because out of sight, out of mind, right? Hah. Try telling THEM that

6. Hanging up that painting or poster that only you like.
Sure, to most people it will just be a slightly tilted, not particularly memorable wall hanging. But to you? To you, this wall, and that disputed piece of what you insist is art, is a reminder of how satisfying it is to get your way after working hard for what you truly want.

7. Your spot.
We all have one. That not-so-secret place in the house we head to whenever we need to think, mope, cry or celebrate – that place is your sanctuary. And everyone knows not to disturb you when you’re in your spot.

8. The selfie-wala lamp.
You know what I’m talking about. We all have that one magical light fixture which turns our selfies into gold - and takes you from struggling actor to Bollywood celeb!

9. The bathroom tap.
This tap is what washes away not only dirt and sweat, but also your fears and insecurities. Or at least, that’s what you tell the plumber every time he comes in to fix its leaky faucet and suggests getting a fancy imported replacement in its place. Because that? That’s just a tap!

10. Your bed.
Who needs anxiety relief solutions or yoga sessions or a vacation? All you need, is your bed. Because of course, there’s no bed in the world that can compare!

Discover how every moment is magical when you live in not just a house, but in Aapla Ghar. Visit our many projects in and around Pune and give us a call NOW! Let’s find you your Aapla Ghar.