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Ajeya Bharat

India has the world’s third largest standing army. We have the world’s fifth largest navy. The size of our police force is second only to China. CRPF is the world’s largest paramilitary force.

Hundreds of thousands of extraordinarily brave men and women guard our perilous frontiers, they keep peace inside home territory, they patrol our borders, they police our roads. Every day, when we lay down our heads for a peaceful sleep, there is a sentry, somewhere in an unmarked spot, on a remote mountain, in mind-numbing cold, in pouring rain, on stormy seas, who is keeping watch over us. The sad part is that far too few amongst us acknowledge the true worth of those endless lonely vigils.

Patriotism surfaces rarely and sometimes in futile forms. Safe in our well-protected lives we change our profile pictures on social media for a day or two, or post patriotic songs on our own walls. And then, that’s it. Until the next attack on our sovereignty and peace, far too many of us forget to remember the unseen hand that shields us.

The struggles of the rank and file of the uniformed services in India are legendary. From tackling some of the toughest terrain in the world, to creating lives of security and peace for their loved ones – our bravehearts have to face tremendous odds.

At Aapla Ghar, we are doing what we know best – we are launching a very special, exclusive offer only for our men and women in uniform. This offer will make it easier than ever before for uniformed personnel to own a house in a city like Pune – a dream that, right up until now, seemed to have been reserved only for the officer cadre of the services.

Aapla Ghar’s Ajeya Yojana, a special, exclusive offer for the men and women in uniform, will make it easier than ever before for the best and the bravest to secure a great future for their families in a city like Pune. When asked about the intent behind Ajeya Yojana, our MD, Mr Sachin Aggarwal said, “The word ‘Ajeya’ means unconquerable. We thought that would be the perfect name for an offering that can ensure that our uniformed brothers and sisters win against all odds! Their children can get the best of education in Pune, their wives can live a life of comfort and security; even when they are on their postings, they can rest assured in the knowledge that their loved ones are living in one of the best cities in India. They, and indeed their loved ones, deserve the best in life. And under the Ajeya Yojana we are doing our bit to ensure that they can make these dreams come true!”

All personnel in the military, paramilitary and police forces qualify for the Ajeya Yojana. Under the Ajeya Yojana they can avail of various offers designed exclusively for them across all the Aapla Ghar projects that are spread in all four directions of Pune. “We welcome all our brothers and sisters in uniform to the Aapla Ghar family. We are extremely proud of them and the work they do – the Ajeya Yojana is our small way of saying a genuine, heartfelt Thank You to each one of them” concludes Mr Aggarwal.

On the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day, here’s raising a giant salute to our defenders. May you remain Ajeya, always! Jai Hind.