Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of enabling every Indian to have his own home by year 2022 will no more remain a dream. We are happy to present - Jan Ghar Yojana, a radical step to enable the Indian common man to have a roof over his head.

A novel scheme (Yojana), Jan Ghar Yojana clears the way by making homes as affordable as they get and easy on the pocket of India’s teeming millions for whom home buying looked next to impossible until now.

Jan Ghar Yojana is a milestone in our journey to enable the common man with a roof over his head. Having this in mind, we have kept the whole process simple.

Who is it for?

Jan Ghar Yojana is for every Indian who wants to be the proud owner of a home from his hard earned money. It is for every Indian or NRI who wants to invest in a home in his land of birth.

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