Buying an affordable home has never been this cheap!

It’s now 3 times easier to buy your own home!

As Independence Day draws near, many Puneites have bought freedom from rent forever, by buying a house. It’s an amazing feeling when you have a home to call your own. A piece of property that is all yours, an investment which will only grow with time and bring you prosperity in the future.

Here’s how you can do it too:

Book an affordable home in only Rs. 11,000:

Shelling out a hefty booking amount is difficult. Understanding this, Sachin Agarwal, MD and Chairman of Maple Group decided to lower the booking price of his Aapla Ghar affordable homes. ‘Our mission is to help the common man afford a home of his own. With an average earning capacity of around Rs. 25000-Rs. 30,000 per month, it becomes very difficult for our consumers to pay a huge booking amount. And so we came up with this offer.’

Pay only 5% down payment on agreement:

We can’t do away completely with the down payment, but we can reduce the burden of it. Affordable home hunters need to now pay only 5% of the down payment on the value of agreement. This agreement value depends on the price of the Aapla Ghar property.

Get a loan at a fixed interest rate of only 9.75%:

To help you manage your finances better, Maple Group has also facilitated loans at an interest rate of only 9.75%. Adding to the good news, this interest rate is fixed for 5 years. This means more savings and less worry for you. Buying an affordable home has never been easier!

How can Maple afford to give such an offer?

Sachin Agarwal, MD and Chairman of Maple Group explains: ‘This time, we wanted to do something meaningful that really made home buying very affordable. We didn’t want to give just another offer, with a car or bike which doesn’t add much value to the consumer. So we worked hard on reducing the three things which make it hard for the common man to buy a home – the down payment rate, interest rate of loans and the booking amount. Since we have strong relationships with our banks, we could afford to give a competitive interest rate, apart from lowering the down payment amount. We hope this helps more people buy homes of their own now.’