How Akshaya Tritiya can make you rich.

Akshaya Tritiya, the day of the famous Saade Teen Muharat, will soon be here this May 2nd, bringing along with it good luck, prosperity and success. Akshaya Tritiya also brings along with it a slew of offers and discounts for consumers who are seeking to buy jewellery, affordable homes, or any kind of durable or valuable goods. While this drives up sales for the brands, it’s also great news for the consumers. Here’s why:

1) Get rich at an affordable price.
Most of the valuables you were eyeing for a long time might now be within pocket reach thanks to the reduced prices. If you’re looking to buy an affordable home that lives up to your every expectation, Maple Group’s Aapla Ghar initiative makes you an unbeatable offer:
1/2 BHK affordable, welfare homes starting from 9.6 lakhs onwards only. And for every lakh you pay, you get a gram of gold. So for a flat of 9.6 lakhs, you get 10 grams of gold free. What’s more, many banks are also offering loans at special rates, giving you all the more reason to buy that dream home now.

2) It’s raining gold.
Come Akshaya Tritiya and you have so many ways to stock up on your gold reserves, for free! Many brands offer you a gold coin for a certain amount of purchase. At Maple, we’ve taken a step further and are offering you 1 gram of gold for every lakh you pay. But that’s not all. Since it’s the season of luck, you also might win a silver coin, just by scratching our virtual card. Here’s a silver lining for those who’ve not struck gold yet!

3) Invite Lady Luck home.
It is said that any venture started or valuable bought on Akshaya Tritiya is sure to bring good luck, happiness and success. So why not fulfill your dream of owning that long-desired phone, or hard-to-find affordable home on this auspicious day? After all, it always pays off to have Goddess Luck on your side!

4) A new dawn.
Consider Akshaya Tritiya as the occasion to make a new start; fulfill a dream of yours, or make a change for the better in your life. This could be a lifestyle change, or moving from a rented home to a home of your own, a home which meets the desires of your heart and the demands of your pocket. A move which will also translate into a brighter future for your children, who will grow up in the happiness of a secure and beautiful home.
So this Akshaya Tritiya, here’s hoping you get rich in happiness and in wealth with all the offers out there!