Maple Shelters’ Ganeshotsav Resolutions

Ganeshotsav 2014 is being celebrated with great devotion and happiness at Maple Shelters. As the fervour reaches to its peak and only three days are left to go before Bappa goes back, the masterminds at Maple Shelters have a thought.
They discuss and brainstorm, dig insights and make extensive plans and come up with a Maple Shelters’ list of Ganeshotsav resolutions they would like to achieve before Bappa returns once again next year. The list of resolutions is a promising set of enhancements to Maple’s and Aapla Ghar’s affordable housing plans, inviting more happiness in the common people’s lives.
Maple Group with great faith now says, ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudchya Varshi Lavkar Ya,’ as they pledge to make the pudcha varsha, the upcoming year more comfortable for their prospect buyers.

The Resolutions List
1. The suburban areas or the peripheries of the city are important says, Sachin Agrawal, Chairman and Managing Director, Maple Shelters. These areas bridge the gap between the contrasting city and the villages. The migrants from rural areas are more likely to shift to these peri-urban areas while the city dwellers wishing for some peace are going to choose these suburbs as ideal.

Aapla Ghar will make itself available to such areas around Pune which are in most need of affordable homes.

2. To our great pleasure, Aapla Ghar housing community has brought happiness and satisfaction of owning one’s own home to 1500 or more families in Pune.
This has boosted our confidence and will to share this happiness with many more people going beyond the borders of Pune. We will plan to launch Aapla Ghar in other cities too.

3. Aapla Ghar has strived to provide affordable yet comfortable housing to the masses, our current price range is houses beginning from Rs. 9.65 onwards. Well-appointed and safe housing with common amenities that make life wholesome has been our promise.
We promise to extend this promise further by taking adequate measures to give our customers more comfort in affordable rates.

4. We truly care for the financially less fortunate sectors of the society. Their ambition to own a home lies in our hands. While we provide them with a beautiful home that is sensitive to their financial capabilities we also ensure that the home is safe and technologically sound.
In the coming year too, we would update ourselves to latest construction technologies and maximize your investment to provide you with a holistic home.

5. Aapla Ghar assures you; our homes are beautiful, full of care and eco-friendly. Green homes have become the talk of the town, not only are builders consciously choosing to build them but people from all walks of life are choosing them over ordinary homes. This change in the mindset is revolutionary in the development of our country.

However green homes are usually priced high and could be unaffordable to a few. Resisting this conventional mode the construction industry has slacked into, Aapla Ghar promises to bring people guaranteed green homes, all in all a value for money and not at the cost of the environment.

We at Maple Group are all set to answer God’s calls to make this world a happier place. We seek blessings from Ganpati Bappa to fulfill our desires and plans until he visits us again.

Ganpati Bappa at Maple Group.