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Sachin Agarwal’s story

From living in single room to the creator of the Aapla Ghar Initiative

Everyone cherishes the dream of having a home of their own. But with the rise in real estate prices, buying a home is becoming increasingly difficult. There are many people who live in rented apartments for years, toiling tediously to put together money for a home.

Sachin Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director of Maple Group, has gone through the same ordeal. His family lived in a single room in his grandfather’s ancestral home. Their single room served as the bedroom, kitchen, study room, et al. This is not a rare condition in a country like India but the difficulty is evident even to those who have not had such an experience.

After some time of living at his grandfather’s home, Sachin and his family moved into a rented flat. As their family was growing, they again had to shift to their uncle’s flat which was adjacent to theirs. All this for the want of a home to live peacefully in! At this point of time, a grave thought struck Sachin, if a middle class family with moderate income faces so much trouble in finding an affordable home, what about those in the lower income segment? Who cares about their need for a home?

Years later, when the Agarwal family had established their own real estate business under the name of Maple Group, they held this thought close to their heart and endeavoured to build affordable homes for the masses. Sachin said, “My dream is that everyone in Pune should have a house to call their own. I want to make homes that are within the reach of the common man.”

This determination gave birth to Maple Groups’s Aapla Ghar initiative which builds affordable homes in Pune with modern amenities that do not compromise on quality. Launched in 2013, Aapla Ghar projects are now under construction at different key locations in and around Pune. Sachin Agarwal’s dream is now well on its way to fulfillment.