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Should one check Carpet Area or Built-up Area?

First time home buyers are often misguided by the small confusion between carpet area and built-up area. They end up paying more for the actual amount of space they get to use. Understanding the total area of a property is therefore necessary before making a purchase.

While buying your home, insist on getting the carpet area.

Carpet area is the actual, usable area in a flat. As the name suggests, carpet area includes the wall to wall floor area where you can lay a carpet. It does not include the thickness of the wall. On the other hand, built-up area is the carpet area plus the thickness of the outer walls and the balcony. There is also a term called super built-up area which includes the built-up area as well as a proportion of common areas such as staircase, elevator, lobby, corridors, etc. In case of large housing societies, amenities such as clubhouse, park, swimming pool, etc. are also counted as the super built-up area. It is important that this break up is mentioned in the agreement/sale deed. So when you are buying a flat, be wise and make sure you check the carpet area and not just the built-up area.