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What ‘Modi’fied India means to home buyers

Why Modified india is the best time to buy a new home
2014 marked the beginning of a new chapter in India’s political scenario, with Narendra Modi bringing in the promise of a MODIfied, developed India. And as Modi takes up the political reins of the country, a wave of far reaching changes are expected.

Increased GDP and a well performing stock market:
Narandra Modi’s government brings in new hope for the country, promising better development and growth. This optimism was already apparent right after the elections, when the BSE Sensex rose well above the 25k level, while the 50-share Nifty reached a new all-time high of 7,563.50.
The Indian rupee also recovered up to 58.68 against the US dollar. A bullish stock market will also make India attractive to foreign investors, ushering in faster growth and development.
Furthermore, with Modi coming in, experts are also expecting a rise in the GDP growth of the country, above the current 5%.

What does this mean for the Indian home buyer?
When the economy prospers, we prosper too.
More development means more job opportunities, more avenues for earning.
Increased salaries = increased purchasing power. And when the economic sector picks up and there is increased purchasing power, there will be more demand in the housing sector. This trend is predicted to take place by the end of this year.
So if you’ve already bought a home by this year, you can look forward to better appreciation for your investment.
Another important point to remember is that though most feel real estate prices are likely to rise immediately in the post-election euphoria, this is most unlikely, a major reason being that real estate prices are already high in most major cities. So prices are expected to remain stable for now, until the end of the year.
That’s why zeroing in on an affordable yet quality home, now, when the prices are still stable, makes for a wise decision.

Infrastructure expected to receive major boost
Where the previous government failed, the new government is expected to aggressively carry out stalled infrastructure projects, with emphasis on roads and power.

What does this mean for the Indian homebuyer?
This can only mean good news for the Indian home buyer. With both the government and the builders pushing for better infrastructure, home buyers can be sure of improved standards of living and better amenities and services from real estate projects.

Faster land clearances, and increased growth expected in real estate sector.
The Modi government is expected to make it easier for real estate builders to build homes, with easing up tedious processes like land clearance acquisitions. Along with this, the BJP manifesto has promised a house for every family in India within 75 years of Independence, that is by 2022. To cater to the BJP vision for the next eight years, builders and consultants will be rushing to build better and more affordable homes.

What does this mean for the Indian homebuyer?
A wealth of choice! With better and more affordable home options to choose from, the home buyer can now look forward to a happy shopping experience. Improved economic growth will also make it easier and cheaper to get bank housing loans.
All in all, 2014 is a promising time to go home-scouting. So strike while the iron is still hot!

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