Aapla Ghar Foundation

Aapla Ghar projects are the biggest testimony to Maple’s commitment to welfare. All Aapla Ghar homes around Pune are designed with a single goal in mind– people’s welfare. Instead of focusing on superfluous luxuries, we focus on providing welfare amenities; conveniences and comforts which the common man will truly value and which will bring his family lasting happiness. All these quality amenities are offered at a nominal price.

aapla ghar

To survive in the modern business world, your company needs to take stand – a social stand, that is.
Today’s consumers are looking for more than just high dream to buy quality homes and services when they buy a home . They’re prioritizing corporate social responsibility (CSR), and for effecting social change with their business beliefs, practices and profits.
Every builder need to understand what their core social purpose is and how that aligns with their stated mission, to create a cohesive CSR strategy includes “the policies, practices and initiatives a company commits to in order to govern themselves with honesty and transparency, and have a positive impact on social and environmental wellbeing.”
Maple Group focus on few broad categories of CSR:
1.Environmental efforts : Aapla Ghar,Swaccha Shahar
2. Philanthropy : Donating money, products or services to needy people. Also, can benefit charities and local community programs.
3. Ethical labor practices.

Green Value Homes

Green Value Homes symbolise Maple’s eco-friendly belief that progress need not be at the cost of the environment. Green Value Homes are built with recyclable materials. Natural resources like wind & sun are used to reduce power consumption and carbon footprint and help the environment. They also include eco-friendly initiatives such as-
• Rain water harvesting for domestic water usage
• Solar energy for street lights
• Vermiculture for efficient garbage disposal
• Sewage treatment plant to convert sewage to nondomestic water usage
• Native plant species grown for a long lasting and ecological green cover

green value homes

CSR Activities

Vitthal Wari Tent Donation

Blood Donation Drive

Health Check-Up & Immunization Camp

Rakshbandhan With Soldiers