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My house. Mera ghar. Aamar baari. Mi casa.

So many different ways of expressing just one emotion – Aapla Ghar.

What is it about our home, those particular four brick walls, that make us feel safe, secure and utterly at peace?

It’s not the carpet area of your large living room, the spacious kitchen with a dry balcony, the thoughtfully designed master bedroom with the attached bathroom. It’s more than just the tiles you deliberated over for hours, the bed sheets and curtains you painstakingly picked out to match them, and the colour of paint you chose.

1. Your first successful kitchen experiment.
Sure, you covered every single counter with dirty dishes, managed to get food all over your clothes and nearly burnt the house down. But this first successful dish you prepared (and your family dutifully ate) held none of that – it was made of nothing but joy, exhilaration and unabashed love.

2. The joy of walking through your door after being away.
After days of working hard, being on top of your game, and living away from your loved ones, just the sight of the door of your home is more welcome than anything you can imagine. All your exhaustion and weariness fades away, and you’re filled with a new energy and excitement. Because behind that door is Aapla Ghar!

3. The moment you drop your keys into the bowl.
And breathe a sigh of relief. Gone is the stressful day, gone are the deadlines and gone is the pressure of being one step ahead of the curve. This is YOUR space. This is your territory – warm, familiar and welcoming, and all it takes to be reminded of it, is the sound of your keys jingling as you drop them into that little bowl that sits on the table next to the door.

4. The window through which you see the sun rise.
Is usually the same window you grumpily turn away from when the sun dares to shine too brightly on a Sunday morning. This window doesn’t just show you the position of the sun – it stands for the passing of time, the turning of seasons, and the changes you have wrought in your own life.

5. The carpet with the stain you hide from your mother. Or your wife. Usually, both.
Here’s where it’s okay to be your messy, not-too-careful self. (But only as long as that stain is hidden.) Because out of sight, out of mind, right? Hah. Try telling THEM that

6. Hanging up that painting or poster that only you like.
Sure, to most people it will just be a slightly tilted, not particularly memorable wall hanging. But to you? To you, this wall, and that disputed piece of what you insist is art, is a reminder of how satisfying it is to get your way after working hard for what you truly want.

7. Your spot.
We all have one. That not-so-secret place in the house we head to whenever we need to think, mope, cry or celebrate – that place is your sanctuary. And everyone knows not to disturb you when you’re in your spot.

8. The selfie-wala lamp.
You know what I’m talking about. We all have that one magical light fixture which turns our selfies into gold – and takes you from struggling actor to Bollywood celeb!

9. The bathroom tap.
This tap is what washes away not only dirt and sweat, but also your fears and insecurities. Or at least, that’s what you tell the plumber every time he comes in to fix its leaky faucet and suggests getting a fancy imported replacement in its place. Because that? That’s just a tap!

10. Your bed.
Who needs anxiety relief solutions or yoga sessions or a vacation? All you need, is your bed. Because of course, there’s no bed in the world that can compare!

Discover how every moment is magical when you live in not just a house, but in Aapla Ghar. Visit our many projects in and around Pune and give us a call NOW! Let’s find you your Aapla Ghar.

What does one need other than four walls and a roof to be secure and happy? Well, just a good treat to your eyes makes your living experience a lot better!

Aapla Ghar homes bring you the most amazing places to visit – check out these 10 brilliant places located so close by!
Shirwal which is little town located between Satara and Pune in Maharashtra serves you with best nearby tourist spots that you’ll can explore. It is bordered by the river Nira and so you shouldn’t be missing out on such great experience!

Pratapgad Fort of Satara a fort of ‘Valour’ and presents itself in manner so historic that the viewer senses the battle fought by the great Shivaji Maharaj during his reign.

Feel the power of love at the Shikhar Shinganapur Temple because as per the legend, Lord Shiva and Parvati ma had gotten married here! This ancient temple holds a lot of untold stories that one needs to explore – and which will leave you amazed!

Thoseghar Waterfalls are an absolute pleasure to the eye! They are surrounded by thick flora and fauna and are the perfect scenic spot to relax your thoughts and get away from the usual hustle- bustle of day to day life.

Sajjangad meaning the fort of ‘good people’ is said to be the place where Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami took Samadhi in the 17th Century. Experience the sheer peace and beauty along the coastline and beaches, while travelling around the stretches of this fort!

The Kaas Lake was built artificially in the year 1875 and is surrounded by dense evergreen forests of the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats. Observe the lake’s beauty and visit the famous temples nearby, which add to the purity of this lovely place.

Koyna Dam is a rubble-concrete dam constructed on the river Koyna and is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra. It is known for its greenery and the river that gives people the pleasure of swimming in its slow water.

Dholya Temple is a very quiet and peaceful place to be in! Dholya meaning fat aptly describes the idol of lord Ganesha, which is 10ft. tall and 8ft. wide. Watching the Krishna river flow by, this temple becomes the perfect place for indulging in your inner thoughts.

Kaas Plateau also known as the Kaas Pathar is a beautiful place surrounded by nothing but flowers, which spread really far and also where people can make great memories by clicking photographs and having fun with family. No one could be more satisfied to see this pleasant view.

Yamai Devi Temple is located on a hilltop in Aundh and is known for its neatly decorated steps. These steps take you all the beautiful way up to the idol. There’s also a museum nearby for the interest of knowledge.

So, don’t just get a home where you are physically protected, get a home that keeps your inner self thoroughly happy along with your family.

And we have just the place – check out Aapla Ghar projects at Shirwal, Wai, Devadi, Ambegaon Annexe or Khed Shivapur – great locations, great amenities and great houses, made just for YOU!

India has the world’s third largest standing army. We have the world’s fifth largest navy. The size of our police force is second only to China. CRPF is the world’s largest paramilitary force.

Hundreds of thousands of extraordinarily brave men and women guard our perilous frontiers, they keep peace inside home territory, they patrol our borders, they police our roads. Every day, when we lay down our heads for a peaceful sleep, there is a sentry, somewhere in an unmarked spot, on a remote mountain, in mind-numbing cold, in pouring rain, on stormy seas, who is keeping watch over us. The sad part is that far too few amongst us acknowledge the true worth of those endless lonely vigils.

Patriotism surfaces rarely and sometimes in futile forms. Safe in our well-protected lives we change our profile pictures on social media for a day or two, or post patriotic songs on our own walls. And then, that’s it. Until the next attack on our sovereignty and peace, far too many of us forget to remember the unseen hand that shields us.

The struggles of the rank and file of the uniformed services in India are legendary. From tackling some of the toughest terrain in the world, to creating lives of security and peace for their loved ones – our bravehearts have to face tremendous odds.

At Aapla Ghar, we are doing what we know best – we are launching a very special, exclusive offer only for our men and women in uniform. This offer will make it easier than ever before for uniformed personnel to own a house in a city like Pune – a dream that, right up until now, seemed to have been reserved only for the officer cadre of the services.

Aapla Ghar’s Ajeya Yojana, a special, exclusive offer for the men and women in uniform, will make it easier than ever before for the best and the bravest to secure a great future for their families in a city like Pune. When asked about the intent behind Ajeya Yojana, our MD, Mr Sachin Aggarwal said, “The word ‘Ajeya’ means unconquerable. We thought that would be the perfect name for an offering that can ensure that our uniformed brothers and sisters win against all odds! Their children can get the best of education in Pune, their wives can live a life of comfort and security; even when they are on their postings, they can rest assured in the knowledge that their loved ones are living in one of the best cities in India. They, and indeed their loved ones, deserve the best in life. And under the Ajeya Yojana we are doing our bit to ensure that they can make these dreams come true!”

All personnel in the military, paramilitary and police forces qualify for the Ajeya Yojana. Under the Ajeya Yojana they can avail of various offers designed exclusively for them across all the Aapla Ghar projects that are spread in all four directions of Pune. “We welcome all our brothers and sisters in uniform to the Aapla Ghar family. We are extremely proud of them and the work they do – the Ajeya Yojana is our small way of saying a genuine, heartfelt Thank You to each one of them” concludes Mr Aggarwal.

On the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day, here’s raising a giant salute to our defenders. May you remain Ajeya, always! Jai Hind.

Getting home loans involve a lot of paperwork and documentation. Imagine having to first hunt for a house you really want to buy and then, go through the time-consuming procedure of applying for a home loan. Exhausting, isn’t it?

You are required to consider a number of things in order to get a home loan that suits your requirements. So, to make things easy for you, here are some points you should consider before applying for a home loan so that you can smoothly run through the complete process without any hassles:

Know your loan eligibility: The loan amount to be sanctioned by the banks depends on your past records of repaying loans, credit card dues and your income. Therefore, before taking up a loan, you should be clear in your mind of the EMI you are willing to shell out every month.

Clean Up your Credit Report: The one thing that all loan providers refer to before sanctioning your loan is your Credit Report. All lenders expect you to have a clean credit history with a good credit score of 650+. For this, you will be required to check your CIR (Credit Information Report) as well as your credit score online at least 6 months prior to applying for the loan. This will give you sufficient time to set your score right if there are any problems.

Choose your lender: Before applying for a loan, you will need to do an in-depth research to find a bank or financing company for the same. You should check with at least 4-5 banks and companies to know their terms and conditions of offering a loan, interest rate and tenure. Also, you should look at other aspects like customer service and charges for early termination of the loan etc.

Tenure of the loan: The EMI of the home loan is calculated on the basis of the amount you’re requesting, the interest rate and tenure. Note that the EMI is inversely proportionate to loan tenure. If the loan tenure is long then the EMI amount will be low and if the loan tenure is short, the EMI amount will be high. So, you should weigh all your alternatives before finalising anything.

Type of interest rate: There are two types of interest rates on loans – fixed rate and floating rate. In case of home loans with fixed rate of interest, the amount of EMI does not change during the tenure of repayment. While in the case of floating interest rate, the amount of EMI changes along with the change in interest rate.

Know about extra charges that need to be paid: You must get complete information about the extra charges that you will have to pay such as the processing fee, service and administrative fee, etc.

Buying your first home is exciting and daunting at the same time. This could be one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. So, it can be almost tempting to either just go with the first house that falls in your price range or maybe just go rent one.

To help you demystify the process and get the most out of the purchase, here are some tips you should keep in mind while buying your first home:

Setting your Budget: Before you even begin looking for a house, you will be required to weigh the different costs associated with purchasing a house. Setting your heart on a beautiful five-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath estate on the hill could set you up for disappointment if you don’t know what you can afford. This is an extremely important part of the home buying process. Many first-time buyers don’t realise or understand that it’s extremely important to know how much they can afford before looking at homes!
Prioritise Your Needs and Wants: When you are working within a budget, sometimes you might have to make some compromises. Knowing what you really need can help narrow your home options and also make decisions easier.
Set Your Expectations: When buying a home for the first time, an extremely important tip is to make sure expectations are set. By setting realistic expectations, the chance to be disappointed or let down is minimised.
Find the Right Real Estate Agent: Your real estate agent is your insider to the world of home buying, and getting the right agent can be a real asset to have on your side when buying your first home. You want someone you can trust and who will give you quality advice when you need it. So, talk to people you already trust – family and friends who may have some contacts handy.
Know how to deal with builders: It is very important to understand every bit of fine print in your agreement with the builder. Many builders are known to create artificial demand for the space they offer and pressurise you into signing on the dotted.
Documentation: Documenting the acquisition for first-time home buyers is best done in consultation with a competent legal professional.

First time home buyers are often misguided by the small confusion between carpet area and built-up area. They end up paying more for the actual amount of space they get to use. Understanding the total area of a property is therefore necessary before making a purchase.

While buying your home, insist on getting the carpet area.

Carpet area is the actual, usable area in a flat. As the name suggests, carpet area includes the wall to wall floor area where you can lay a carpet. It does not include the thickness of the wall. On the other hand, built-up area is the carpet area plus the thickness of the outer walls and the balcony. There is also a term called super built-up area which includes the built-up area as well as a proportion of common areas such as staircase, elevator, lobby, corridors, etc. In case of large housing societies, amenities such as clubhouse, park, swimming pool, etc. are also counted as the super built-up area. It is important that this break up is mentioned in the agreement/sale deed. So when you are buying a flat, be wise and make sure you check the carpet area and not just the built-up area.

The Aapla Ghar initiative offers affordable homes in Pune with all modern amenities like club house, children’s play park, 24×7 security, landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, solar lights, hi-tech elevators, water softening plant, transportation facility as well as shops for daily necessities. The affordability factor then comes into question. How can so much be offered at such affordable rates? Is the quality up to the mark? When asked, this is what Sachin Agarwal, the Director of Maple Group had to say about it: “We handle all the core duties internally to avoid spending on outer resources.”

This is the key to their cost optimization method which also helps in micro-management of the work process at every stage. The  pillars of Maple Group, Sachin, Navin Agarwal themselves head the most important departments. Sachin Agarwal handles all legal procedures, land acquisition and marketing. Navin Agarwal is a civil engineer and interior designer and takes care of the technical and design aspects. He also ensures that the projects have good connectivity to the city and has easy access to every convenience. 

The purchase department plays a key role in keeping the prices low. Maple Group has a strong purchase department with a skill for tight management of finances that helps avoid extra cost. Aapla Ghar is a large scale initiative with multiple projects and about 5000 flats in total. This facilitates bulk buying of quality materials at lower costs. The technical and design department then puts the materials to proper use and takes care of all small things to maintain their sustainability. This helps to optimize costs by ensuring that there is no wastage.

There is something else above all these factors that make Aapla Ghar homes affordable without compromising on quality. Maple Group has reduced its profit margin by 20% in constructing the Aapla Ghar projects. This is what helps to pass on the cost benefit to customers. Given the fact that Aapla Ghar is an initiative backed by strong personal motivation and a noble vision to offer every common man the joy of owning a home, the decision to reduce the profit margin seems feasible.

Everyone cherishes the dream of having a home of their own. But with the rise in real estate prices, buying a home is becoming increasingly difficult. There are many people who live in rented apartments for years, toiling tediously to put together money for a home.

Sachin Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director of Maple Group, has gone through the same ordeal. His family lived in a single room in his grandfather’s ancestral home. Their single room served as the bedroom, kitchen, study room, et al. This is not a rare condition in a country like India but the difficulty is evident even to those who have not had such an experience.

After some time of living at his grandfather’s home, Sachin and his family moved into a rented flat. As their family was growing, they again had to shift to their uncle’s flat which was adjacent to theirs. All this for the want of a home to live peacefully in! At this point of time, a grave thought struck Sachin, if a middle class family with moderate income faces so much trouble in finding an affordable home, what about those in the lower income segment? Who cares about their need for a home?

Years later, when the Agarwal family had established their own real estate business under the name of Maple Group, they held this thought close to their heart and endeavoured to build affordable homes for the masses. Sachin said, “My dream is that everyone in Pune should have a house to call their own. I want to make homes that are within the reach of the common man.”

This determination gave birth to Maple Groups’s Aapla Ghar initiative which builds affordable homes in Pune with modern amenities that do not compromise on quality. Launched in 2013, Aapla Ghar projects are now under construction at different key locations in and around Pune. Sachin Agarwal’s dream is now well on its way to fulfillment.